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This was the first web page I ever created on my Web TV in 1997. You couldn't click the text you have to click the monkey-

I had no way to "host" images so the they were just images out on the world wide web. The monkey and Midi music file are still from the same link I used in 1997! Websites no longer support auto playing MIDI files like they used to so it has been converted to a video for this page-

Original HTML below-


Click 4 Pic' here


Original HTML from 1997


<body bgcolor="white" text="black">
<font size="3" color="red">
auto start="true" 
Volume= "10">
src="" alt="click here" height="75" width="100"
Click 4 Pic' here<br>
<img src= "unkown-Source-Updated.jpg" height="392" width="200"> </a>