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Do you want to know how others are succeeding in the industry? We spoke with Tom Curnin at Bravo Av and he is wondering how we can help develop best practices to help pull each other up in the community. He thought a great start would be real answers, and our first round of questions are below. The data will be presented to all who participate in aggregate. We will also set up a Zoom call in the future to analyze the data as a collective (#MasterMind). You can share in confidence, your business profile will not be released, this content will only be shared with participants. We will happily add your questions to upcoming surveys, upon request as well.

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1. Are you using QuickBooks ? Pros - Cons?




2. How are you generating your proposals? On a scale of 1 -5 (5 is the best) do you like it?




3. How do you handle travel charges? Do you have a standard truck role? Mileage? Charge for travel both ways?

4. What are you using to track people’s time?

5. What is your hourly rate? Per person? Per team? Different rates for different services (Prewire vs Installation vs Programming)



6. What CC processor are you using? Does it tie into QB? Does your project fee increase when they pay by CC? Is there pushback from the client and how do you justify it.



7. Do you have process for delivering a proposal for electronic signature and if the client wishes paying with a Credit Card? (client signs and pays digitally) What’s the fee?



8. How do you generate referral work from existing clients? (leave literature? Send annual cards?  





9. Is anybody using a 3rd party warranty company.





10. How long do you warranty your work from the initial install? 6 months from completion date? 1 year?





11. Best way to get clients in the showroom?





12. How many showroom visitors per month do you get?





13. How many web sales per month?





14. What are your top 3 sales funnels and their percentage of sales overall? 10% Referrals – 40% Repeat Clients – 30% Web – 3% Social Media – other?

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