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Sep 26, 2018

Smart Home vs Connected Home vs Home Automation


Edited: Sep 26, 2018


Whats the difference between a smart home, a Connected Home and Home AutomationWhats the difference between a smart home, a Connected Home and Home Automation
Home Automation vs Connected Home vs Smart Home


What’s The Difference Between A Smart Home, Connected Home, And Home Automation? I believe a majority of the population use these words interchangeably and although they are needed to compliment each other, they are not the same. I will keep it brief but hope to spark some conversation and enlightenment from you.

Home Automation: Probably one of the first automated home devices we don't think about is the garage door and thank the energy it was invented. So home automation is the click of a button or action that automates an otherwise daunting or redundant task. Where would we be without automated window shades, thermostats, lighting and Sprinkler systems? Would you consider a self cleaning oven home automation?

Connected Home: Incorporating Home Automation devices and connecting them begins our connected home. Smart phones, tablets, keypads and other controllers give the connected home life. Telling Alexa to turn on Netflix may initiate a scene that:

Turns on the TV

Turns on a surround sound receiver

Selects the input for Netflix

Lowers the shades

All of these devices are connected through a network, communicating and executing a command the user initiated.

Smart Home: As both categories above seem to be pretty smart and using "Smart Devices", we need a little more to achieve a truly Smart Home. As we catapult into the Smart Home era I believe it will be easier to distinguish between the three. The Smart Home can sense a water leak, shut off the water main, send you a text and order in your plumber for a service call. When your smoke alarm goes off it alerts you with an annoying audible, sends a text, turns on all the lights in the home and cameras start recording the incident. The footage is then emailed to you for review. How about a doorbell with facial recognition that sends a push notification to your daughter who is not home when her prince charming comes knocking. He will be notified she is not present via geo fencing technology from her phone, as she is notified with a photo of him at the door without flowers. A favorite of ours is the smart refrigerator reminding us to pickup 2 cans of Budweiser on our way home. Although the refrigerator knew you would be out of beer and ordered the bi-weekly case 2 days ago, it was delayed in shipping but confirmed from your previous habits that 2 cans will get you through till its delivered. Hopefully your porch camera will receive the confirmation scan of arrival tomorrow. Do you agree? What Smart Home tech are you waiting for?

Remember, no matter if its an Automated Home, Connected Home or a Smart Home.... it always going to be your Home.

Automations Systems has came a long way and will be part of our daily life..... The Smarter Way of Living!


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Jul 17

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