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This is not your grandparents credenza.

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

As you read this article you may be transported back to your grandparents living room, reminded everything that's old is new again. You will also be enlightened in the latest and greatest of offerings from the hi-end audio and video world. The best part? You are already familiar with all of the past conveniences and current technologies pictured here. If the photos aren't enough, continue reading.

Credence is not a word but a lifestyle, a luxurious term associated with words like trust and reliance. Credence is also the name of the manufacturer bringing back simplicity with precise detail to design and performance.

This Credence Credenza is the now and tomorrow of any audiophile and videophile that lacks interior space or just appreciates simple luxury. Credence Designs has incorporated a timeless piece with modern living expectations. With the price of 100" televisions averaging $50k and video resolution technology zooming at fiber speed, Credence slows down your concerns and gives you security on what’s to come. In a single console Credence provides you with the ability to upgrade without remodeling or refinancing. Delivering lifestyle technology Credence allows you to make it both timeless and simple for your clients. Our industry needs to re-introduce the home entertainment experience and Credence make it easy.

Upfront the Credence credenza line gives you a single unit that is custom built to any brand UST (Ultra Short Throw) projector for 100"+ viewing area, 3.1 surround sound complete with accessory cabinets to store your upgrade-able components and media devices with ease. Active end tables are available for 5.1 or 7.1 surround. Homeowners no longer need to question pre-wire or concern themselves on what cable connectivity is behind the wall. All components are neatly stored and easily accessible in the cabinets flanking the optional anti-vibration sub-woofer cabinet. Credence spared no effort or expense creating a remarkable audiophile product. The audio components comprised of all SEAS of Norway drivers which are the choice of world-leading high-performance speaker manufacturers. The exterior finish is up to your client, should they request piano black, ivory white or Ferrari red, they can do that! The unit is modular, shipped in 4 pieces for easy transporting and installation.

With Credence designs, you have something new, something old and something that will bring families years of entertainment all in a beautiful well-designed credenza. Optional end tables are available in standard and custom ordered sizes as well.

Rob Skuba

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