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Welcome To NSHBC: The Exclusive Smart Home Buyers Club

Welcome to NSHBC, the National Smart Home Buyers Club, where the future of home technology unfolds. We're more than just a platform; we're a community that bridges the gap between the latest in smart home technology and the enthusiasts who cherish innovation. At NSHBC, exclusive deals, expert insights, and a spirit of collaboration come together to enrich your living spaces and empower your choices. Dive into a world where your home not only reflects your lifestyle but also defines the cutting edge of technological advancement.


Why Choose NSHBC?

NSHBC stands out as a leader in the smart home industry for several compelling reasons:

  • Established Credibility: We're a well-regarded association with a solid foundation of trust and expertise in the smart home domain.

  • Strong Industry Relationships: Our network spans top manufacturers and dealers across the US, ensuring access to the best products and innovations.

  • Innovative Initiatives: We spearhead initiatives like National Smart Home Day on November 3rd, highlighting our commitment to advancing the industry.

  • Consumer Empowerment: Unlike big-box stores, we offer specialized products and solutions that are proven to work, backed by expert knowledge.

  • Industry Advocacy: NSHBC champions the smart home industry, advocating for quality, innovation, and consumer choice beyond mainstream offerings.

Dive Deeper with Exclusive Insights

NSHBC takes you beyond the surface with every tech treasure we feature. Immerse yourself in our exclusive 10-minute podcasts, where the minds behind the innovations unveil the benefits and features of their creations. It's more than a discussion; it's a journey into the heart of innovation, offering you a backstage pass to the technological marvels shaping our future. But we don't stop there. Witness these innovations in their natural habitat with our real-life product videos. See the tech in action, understand its impact, and visualize how it will seamlessly integrate into and elevate your living spaces. With NSHBC, it's not just about making informed choices; it's about experiencing the future, one innovation at a time.

Connect, Save & Sell with NSHBC: Your Gateway to Smart Living

Welcome to NSHBC, the National Smart Home Buyers Club, where innovation and community converge to redefine the smart living experience. Here, homeowners discover exclusive tech treasures, dealers expand their horizons with cutting-edge products, and manufacturers connect directly with their most passionate audience. NSHBC is more than a platform; it's a movement towards a smarter, more connected world. Join us and be part of the revolution that's setting new standards in smart living, commerce, and technological innovation.


Step into the exclusive realm of NSHBC, where your home's potential is limitless. We're not just about gadgets; we're about transforming your living space into a smart ecosystem that anticipates your needs and enhances your lifestyle. With NSHBC, gain unparalleled access to deals on the latest smart home technologies and high-fidelity audio systems that aren't available to the general public. From voice-activated assistants to immersive home theaters, we offer the keys to not just a house, but a smarter home. Join a community where innovation thrives, and smart living is a way of life. Welcome to the future of home living, welcome to NSHBC.


NSHBC opens a new horizon for dealers looking to diversify their offerings and captivate a broader audience. We curate a selection of the latest tech products, from smart home solutions to state-of-the-art audio systems, ensuring you have access to innovations that set your inventory apart. With NSHBC, you're not just selling products; you're offering exclusive deals that distinguish your business in a competitive market. Minimize inventory risks while maximizing appeal, thanks to our direct connections with leading manufacturers. Increase your marketing with compelling offers that drive traffic and build lasting customer engagement.


NSHBC is your gateway to spotlighting your latest technological advancements to a discerning and eager audience. Our platform is designed not just for transactions but for transformations—transforming how your products reach and resonate with both dealers and homeowners. Whether you're looking to clear inventory or launch groundbreaking new products efficiently, NSHBC provides the community support and visibility you need. Here, you'll gain invaluable direct feedback from users and dealers, allowing you to refine and perfect your offerings. Moreover, NSHBC fosters new partnerships with dealers across the nation.

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Ready to unlock the future of home technology? Join NSHBC today and be at the forefront of the next tech wave. Whether you're a homeowner eager to elevate your living space, a dealer looking to expand your catalog and reach, or a manufacturer aiming to showcase your latest innovations, there's a place for you in our community. Embrace the revolution where exclusive deals, insightful content, and collaborative growth await.


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