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When is the best time to buy a new TV? Hint: It is not the super bowl or Black Friday.

Why You Should Consider Purchasing a TV Before the Football Season

Nothing brings people together like sports and music. Football, in particular, has evolved into more than just a game; it's a cultural touchstone that fosters celebration, camaraderie, and even friendly rivalry. A common trend has been the rush to purchase new TVs right before the Super Bowl. But why does everyone wait for the Super Bowl to make this significant investment? We believe there's a better strategy. Here's why you should consider investing in a new TV before the football season even begins.

Every Game is a Big Game

The thrill of football isn't limited to the Super Bowl. Every tackle, every touchdown, every game-changing play throughout the season is a spectacle in its own right. Why limit yourself to the clarity and immersive experience of a new TV for just one game, especially when your favorite team might not even be playing? With a new TV, you can elevate every game day, making each match feel like the championship.

Winter is Coming

As the warmth of summer fades, giving way to the crisp chill of winter, we naturally gravitate indoors. This transition from summer to winter not only aligns with the football season but also a host of other sports and entertainment events. From the World Series for baseball aficionados to the inaugural games of the basketball and hockey seasons, and the much-anticipated holiday specials, there's a plethora of reasons to stay indoors and be entertained.

Now, imagine investing in a new TV setup for the Super Bowl, only to realize that spring is just around the corner. The days grow longer, outdoor activities beckon, and your brand-new TV doesn't get the attention it deserves. By the time the next football season rolls around, the technology you invested in might not feel as cutting-edge.

Consider other technology including Mirror TV's, Home Theaters and Media Rooms
Consider other technology including Mirror TV's, Home Theaters and Media Rooms...

But what if you considered upgrading at the start of the football season? Not just a TV, but perhaps a mirror TV, a dedicated media room, a state-of-the-art home theater, or even an immersive surround sound system. Making such an investment before winter ensures you maximize your enjoyment and get the most out of the latest technology throughout the colder months. Plus, when the holidays arrive, your guests will undoubtedly be impressed with your forward-thinking investment, turning every gathering into an unforgettable experience.

More than Just Sports

While sports might be a significant driving factor, let's not forget the array of holiday shows, movies, and family gatherings that take place as the year winds down. A new TV becomes the hub of family entertainment. Whether it's watching a classic holiday movie, streaming a new series, or simply viewing photos from the year gone by, the TV plays a pivotal role in family bonding.

Human Behavior and the Joy of Anticipation

From a psychological perspective, the act of anticipation can sometimes be more pleasurable than the event itself. The build-up, the excitement, the countdown to the day when your team takes the field is a joy in itself. By purchasing a TV before the season starts, you're not just buying a piece of technology; you're investing in weeks of anticipation, ensuring every game, every play, is experienced in the best way possible.

Economic Sense

When it comes to making significant investments, timing can be everything. This is especially true for tech enthusiasts looking to upgrade their home entertainment systems. So, why does everyone wait for the Super Bowl to purchase a new TV? "If you want to be on the cutting edge, the best time to buy a TV is in spring/early summer, when the bulk of the year’s new models are released. If you’re a bargain hunter, there are better times of the year to make your purchase." ~ Let's delve into the economic and strategic reasons to consider buying a TV at the end of summer.

  • New Model Releases: Major TV manufacturers, including giants like Samsung, Sony, and LG, often release their latest models in the spring. By the time summer ends, these models have been on the market for a few months. This timing often leads to price reductions on both the new models and the previous year's models as retailers make room for the next wave of technology. Source

  • Maximize Your Investment: Purchasing a TV for the Super Bowl means you're buying technology that's almost a year old. By the start of the next football season, newer models with advanced features might be available. Investing at the end of summer ensures you're getting the most recent technology, maximizing the value of your purchase.

  • Holiday Sales and Promotions: The end of summer and the onset of fall are ripe with sales opportunities. From Labor Day sales to early holiday promotions, retailers often offer significant discounts, making it an economically sound period to make a purchase.

  • Beyond Just a TV: The technological landscape is evolving. It's not just about buying a TV anymore. Consider mirror TVs that blend seamlessly with your home decor, dedicated media rooms for the ultimate cinematic experience, or advanced surround sound systems. Investing in these at the end of summer ensures you impress your holiday guests and enjoy the tech throughout the colder months.

  • The Super Bowl Misconception: The Super Bowl is undeniably a massive event, but it's just one game. If your team doesn't make it, the allure can diminish. By investing earlier, you ensure every game, every tackle, every touchdown is experienced in ultra-clarity, making the entire season feel like a series of your own "Super Bowls".

The Social Aspect

Football is as much a social event as it is a sport. Hosting game day parties, gathering with friends and family, and celebrating the highs and lows of the season are all part of the experience. With a brand-new TV, you're not just ensuring you have the best view of the game; you're also making your home the go-to spot for all things football.


In essence, waiting for one big game to upgrade might mean you're missing out on an entire season of incredible experiences. National Smart Home believes in creating connections, not just through tech but by bringing families and friends together. Remember, no matter how much tech we install, it will always be home. So, as the new season approaches, consider making the upgrade. After all, every game is the big game when you're watching it on a brand-new TV.

Rob Skuba

National Smart Home

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