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A Smart Home Needs A Smart Phone.

Good News! You most likely own one of the most expensive smart home devices already, the Smart Phone. Its the foundation of home control while your home or away. Below we will outline a basic list of devices which can be monitored and/or controlled from your smart phone. Whether you favor Apple, Android or another brand there is no shortage of smart home app capabilities. 

1. Security

Security systems and devices are just as expansive and complex as the smart home itself. Here are some security features people have become dependent on.

     A. Indoor cameras give you great visibility on your children and pets anytime of day with many cameras giving you the option to talk or listen-in.

     B. Outdoor cameras have the same features as their indoor counterparts, allowing you to check the exterior of your home. We will go over both of these in more detail in this series.

     C.Remotely disarming the house alarm to allow children or trusted visitors in.

     D. Monitoring who enters or leaves, usually receiving text alerts when these events occur.

     E. Inform you of any other system activities connected to the house alarm.

2. Smoke alarm and Carbon Monoxide status alerts

Carbon Monoxide is one of the biggest hazards and your mobile phone can provide another layer of safety. Receiving alerts of smoke or high carbon levels while loved ones are home gives you the opportunity to call immediately and see if every thing is all clear.

3. Answer or monitor your front Door

Whether your around the block or half way around the world you can answer your front door from anywhere. There are plenty of video door bell options which alert you when someone rings. Watch for our upcoming blog on these popular devices.

4. Smart door lock

Combine a smart door bell with a smart door lock and you have a virtual butler. Having access to remotely lock or unlock your front door allows convenience for deliveries, cleaning services or kids returning home from school. Some door locks can keep a registry of which codes were used, allowing you to identify who came in or out at a particular time.

5. Adjust your thermostat

Smart thermostats keep you worry free while saving you time and energy. With the smart app on your

phone you can easily turn down the air conditioner, turn up the heat or just check on the temperature

6. Turn lighting on or off

Never come home to a dark house again! You can remotely turn on outdoor lights before arriving home or receive alerts of which lights were left on after you leave.

7. Control home electronics

Did I leave the iron on? Will no longer a question or concern! Go about your day stress free when you have smart electronics. There probably isn't a gadget or appliance you cant monitor or control from you phone.

.8. Control shades / blinds / drapery

These devices are usually on a schedule which save enormous amounts of time not having to run around the house daily to raise and lower shades. Automated shades allow for energy savings, opening to let the warm sun shine in during the day and closing them at night to keep out the chill. While smart apps are available we don't see too many benefits. However there is a growing number of homeowners who are investing in exterior storm shades. Being able to battenn down the hatches remotely can be a huge home saver.

.9. Network Monitoring

With all these smart home devices your network becomes more vulnerable to hackers. You want to invest in a good network but you also want to invest in a network firewall device that will alert you when ever someone signs on or if there is any suspicious activity.

So, did you know your phone was so smart? The better news is the devices we recommend everyday are more reliable than your mobile network! We hope if you are new to the smart home scene this list gives you a good insight to how your smart home and your smart phone can help you save time and energy.

We hope this article answered most of your questions, if not let us know and we would be happy to elaborate. 

National Smart Home

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Unknown member
Jan 31, 2021

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