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Best DIY TV Mounting Kit That Helps Anyone Mount Their Own Television.

Are you looking for the perfect wall mount to hang your own flat-screen TV?

Installing a TV mount can seem like a difficult and tedious process, but Look no further than the Hang Smart TV Wall Mount! T. All your anxiety is eliminated eliminated in just three minutes! Our engineering and installation process is designed to ensure that customizing your entertainment setup is as easy and straightforward as possible without sacrificing safety or quality. In this blog post, we’ll discuss all the features of the Hang Smart TV Wall Mount and how to install it.

What is the Hang Smart TV Wall Mount?

The Hang Smart TV Wall Mount is a revolutionary new wall mount designed specifically for inexperienced home owners to hang their flat-screen TVs. Installation of this wall mount is simple and fast – you can finish in just minutes! The wall mount kit includes necessary hardware for installation as well as instructions for easy setup. Incorporating the latest technology, the Hang Smart TV wall mount is revolutionizing home entertainment with its ability to hold up to a 100 inch television or 150 pounds without any assistance from a handyman. An easy-to-install product, this mount provides homeowners with an inexpensive and do-it-yourself option for displaying their flat screen TVs. With this wall mount, you can enjoy your favorite sports games or movie night with peace of mind—no longer worrying about your prized possession falling off the wall!

The Hang Smart TV Wall Mount can accommodate TVs up to 100 inches in size and has a maximum weight capacity of up to 150 pounds, which means it can handle most standard televisions with ease. Installation takes only minutes and requires minimal effort on your part. This TV mount is compatible with most types of TVs including LCDs, LEDs, plasmas, 4Ks, and more. When compared to other wall mounts on the market today, the Hang Smart TV Wall Mount outperforms them all in terms of quality and value for money.

Installation of this wall mount is relatively straightforward but does require some basic tools including a small hammer, Phillips head screwdriver, measuring tape (included) and level (included), . Before beginning installation read through all instructions provided carefully; if any steps are unclear or confusing contact us for help.

Measure For TV Mount Distance With Included Color Coded Tape
Included Color Coded Tape Measure For TV Mount Distance

1. Once everything has been double-checked begin by taking the measure and laying it over the back of the holes on the TV for the mounting hooks. Once you align the tape measure with the appropriate wholes take not of the color code your television matches up with.

2. Adhere the included level onto the tape measure.

Pick the proper screws from the kit that fits the back of your TV and secure the loop mounts.
Secure the loop fasteners to the back of the TV using the appropriate screws

3. Next, find the appropriate screws that fit correctly into the screw holes on the back of the TV that will secure the hooks. Using a phillips head screw drive, secure the hooks with the correct screws and tighten. Be careful not to overtighten and damage your TV. WARNING: If you use the wrong screws they may be too long and damage you screen.

Slide the tape measure under the TV Wall mount and hammer to the wall.
Choose a good height and secure one of the TV Wall Mounts to the Wall.

4. After the hooks are secured to the back of the TV take one of the wall mounts and hold it against the wall at the proper height.

Secure the second mount to the wall by stretching out the tape measure with built in level
Use the Level to secure the second mount to the wall

5. Using the hammer with nails, nail the mount to the wall with the tape measure below on the correct color code that matches the distance of the screws on the back of your TV (see step 1),.

6. Now stretch out the tap measure and make sure you put the second TV wall mount on the proper color and secure it to the wall using the remaining nails.

Put the hooks on the wall mount through the TV hooks
Lift up the TV and secure the Wall mount hooks through the loops on the back of the TV

7. Pick up the TV and align the loop brackets on the back of the TV to the hooks on the TV wall mount.

In conclusion, the Hang Smart TV Wall Mount is an excellent choice if you need an efficient way to mount your flat-screen television onto a wall without any hassle or fuss. The TV Mount Hooks and Brackets in the box make it easy to get your television secured and mounted without having to worry about any complicated measurements. Included is a color coded Simple Tape Measure, a Level that attaches to the tape measure, as well as 50 pre-packaged Screws, Nails, Spacers and other fasteners that will set you up for success. With this box of essential hardware you can effortlessly mount your television without having to take an extra trip to the hardware store. Even experts agree that this product provides excellent value & quality compared other similar products currently available today. Get your own Hang Smart TV Wall Mount today & start enjoying perfect viewing experience every single day moving forward!

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