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How We Create User-Friendly Websites

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How National Smart Home creates user friendly websites that convert/
How we create user friendly websites

Don't have a website that is easy to use? You're not alone.

A user-friendly website is essential for the success of your business. It needs to be easy to navigate, and the content must be well organized so that users can find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

We want to help you create a website that is not only user-friendly but also visually appealing. We will work with you to design a website that meets your specific needs and helps you achieve your business goals. Creating a user-friendly website is an important task for any business. Just like your showroom it should be a pleasant experience to visit with a streamlined design and no clutter or overwhelming jargon that may turn visitors off and force them to leave. Here are a few key factors to consider when we design your virtual showroom:

1. Navigation: The navigation of your website should be easy to understand and use. Users should be able to find what they are looking for with ease. There should not be too many options in the main menu, this can be immediately overwhelming and have visitors leaving faster than they came in. We always say "Let the content unfold as the user suggests. Basic services will grab their interest and they can continue to click deeper into the technical detail if they wish.

2. Responsiveness: Another important factor to consider is responsiveness. Your website should be designed to work well on all devices, including smartphones and tablets. Today more than 50% of visitors are on their mobile phone and Google search looks at your mobile site as a ranker factor before your desktop version, so a fluid mobile website is a must!

3. Speed: Speed is also essential for a good user experience. Users will not stay on a website that takes too long to load. We can achieve optimal speed with the correct image properties and also specific placement of different elements, so larger files - videos are place below the fold. This technique allows the page to load quicker with images and text at the top to engage visitors as videos load in the background.

4. Design: The design of your website should be aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. You own a technology company and many times included in the design of the home. This aspect of your company should be first and foremost when designing your companies website or as we call it "virtual showroom". Many dealers do not have showrooms so your website is that much more important.

5. Content: Finally, your website should have quality content that is informative and relevant to your users. Many marketing agencies use not only the same cookie cutter template but also use duplicate content. We think this is shameful considering the prices they charge. You should not be paying an agency to write content for you and everyone else on the planet. Duplicate content is also a major red flag for organic search results. We know the industry and have the experience to create original content that is easily understood by any visitor and ranks well with search engines

By keeping these factors in mind, you can create a website that is both user-friendly and effective. You can visit our digital marketing page or website design page to learn more. Contact us today to get started.

Al Laraia


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