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National Smart Home Day

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

As we get closer to National Smart Home Day, I wanted to share "Days of the Year"​ website interpretation of our industries holiday for consumer awareness. last years event was an amazing achievement only made possible by the biggest manufacturers volunteering their time on a Saturday. Do you remember the magic? I certainly do and hope we can at least match that performance. Reading this write up by "Days of the Year"​, an outsider to our industry, has me excited to start planning and bring us closer to the ones who matter most... Homeowners, builders and architects. I hope you understand this mission and respond to participate. #SmartHome #SmartHomeDay #HomeAutomation #IOT #Technology

Learn about Smart Home Day

There have been so many tech developments and improvements over the past few decades that there is no doubt our homes look a whole lot different to what they used to. They have become a lot more high-tech over the years and, as a result, we are able to live more convenient lives. Chores and housework certainly don’t take half as long as we used to now that we can rely on robot hoovers, dishwashers, and smart washing machines!

This is what Smart Home Day celebrates – all the new technologies, devices, and appliances that we have now brought into our homes to make them a whole lot more smarter and easier to manage. After all, if it hadn’t have been for all of the new smart tech that we have in our homes, we might not even have the time to celebrate this special day – we’d probably still be hoovering or doing the dishes!

History of Smart Home Day

Smart Home Day was envisioned by a number of the industry’s top manufacturers. The biggest brand to help create the whole day has to be National Smart Home, though. This pioneering company decided to help create a day that could bring homeowners, manufacturers, and dealers together to celebrate all of these great devices and appliances that now help us to better manage our homes. 

How to celebrate Smart Home Day

Whether you are a homeowner or manufacturer, there are various ways you can take part with Smart Home Day. Manufacturers and dealers can attend whole days dedicated to the latest trends and developments in smart technology for the home and specialist events. Industry leaders and figureheads will give talks about how they see the industry changing shape and what brands can do to stay one step ahead of all their competitors. 

This isn’t just a day for companies, though; homeowners can get involved with the fun as well! For those who are at home while all of the industry talks are going on, it’s possible to get involved using social media. Twitter users can keep up to date with what is being talked about and all of the big discussions by following the Smart Home Day hashtag. For some of the talks, people on Twitter can actually submit some questions to panelists and keynote speakers by tweeting out their questions with the hashtag. Hopefully, the question will be picked up and put to the speaker in question, and then you can learn everything there is to know about smart tech.

Of course, there is one other great way you can make the most of Smart Home Day – simply put your feet up and let all of your snazzy appliances and devices do all of the day’s hard work for you! You can then take advantage of all this modern tech, exactly in the way that the inventors and brands had in mind when they created it all. So, why not program all your tech so that you can truly relax on this thoroughly modern day!

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