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Why Do I Need a Smart Thermostat?

1. Time

The most valuable asset we can never make or find enough of, and we sometimes even sacrifice some security for it. Having a smart thermostat eliminates the need to worry or have to think if your wasting energy. Its always learning, adjusting and reporting.

2. Money

 Another asset we don't want to burn carelessly. A smart thermostat saves you around 10% of your heating/cooling bill. This will pay for the thermostat itself within a year, depending on the model. There are also plenty of rebates and programs your energy company may be offering. Click Here or visit your local energy provider to learn more.

3. Convenience

Whether your away on business or pleasure you can always check in on your smart thermostat and adjust your home's climate so that heat isn't wasted on warmer days and air conditioning isn't wasted on cooler days. Coming home from a two week vacation to a cold house? Never again! You can pre-heat on the fly from your smart phone before you arrive home.

4. Scheduling

Meticulously schedule for energy savings and home comfort with seven day programming capability.

5. Energy Tracking

Track your energy and savings with monthly reports sent to your email on your smart thermostats activity. This helps you see when your energy consumption levels are, around the clock and where you can fine-tune for savings.

We hope this article answered most of your questions, if not let us know and we would be happy to elaborate. 

National Smart Home

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